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VMK Fish Processing

VMK is manufacturing fish processing lines for ashore and offshore installations. The offer extends from multiple processing lines to single machines, as well as repairs and maintenance of fish processing machinery. To get ahead start with the processing lines we perform training for operators and production personnel.

VMK: High performance, space efficiency and cost efficient maintenance

The VMK offer for processing systems for pelagic fish includes; Elevators and Automatic Feeders securing the position of the fish; Head Cutting/Tailcutting machines with or without the evicera left inside; Vacuum equipment for hygienic evisceration; Filleting machines for Butterfly- or Single fillets, and in-line Skinning machines. The VMK users appreciate the robustness in design and material – combining high performance machines with small square meter usage and cost efficient maintenance.
  • New machine lines for fish processing plants, ranging in size and species for Pelagic fish
  • Single machine lines for Pelagic fish and similar species
  • Installation services for ashore & offshore installations
  • Corrective repairs of fish processing machinery
  • Upgrading services for VMK machine lines
  • Operator training for production personnel

Project Inquiry

Start with sending your project inquiry to VMK along with any specifications you might have. VMK is offering new machines lines, spare parts worldwide, as well as service missions and upgrades of current machinery. Do remember to include your full contact details.

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VMK is known as a robust brand founded in Gothenburg, and located in Kalmar, Sweden.

The machines are delivered to fisheries all over the world. The cutting technology is used for products from trunks to skin-off fillets, making the most use of the fish.