The VMK42 Skinning Machine accurately and efficiently removes skin and dorsal fin of the fish.

The VMK42 is mechanically connected to the VMK11. No other power connection is necessary. The machine is working with around 300 fish per minute. Species handling capabilities include herring,horse mackerel, blue whiting, and similar species. The machines are made from all non-corrosive material.

Standard equipment:

  • Deskinner using a tooth roller
  • Transfer function from filleting machine, VMK11
  • Chutes for waste
Technical data
Water consumption:5 l/min
Water pressure:3 bar
Design:Stainless steel and industrial plastics
Standards:Manufactured according to the European directives related to machinery.
Fish/kg (Fish/min): 10-30 (250-300) | 4-20 (225-275) | 2,5-8 (200-250) | 2-6 (200-250) | 1,3-3 (-120)
Suitable for: Horse Mackerel | Pacific Saury