The VMK26 Scaling Machine is installed as a part of the automatic feeder VMK31 and is fed automatically from this machine. The VMK26 has four channels which are each fitted whit a scaling unit, in which first the underside and then the top of the fish is scaled. The fish are then handled by the automatic feeder VMK31 for further treatment.

For the processing of fish which are not scaled simple by-pass chutes are fitted in the four scaling channels, and the fish pass through the scaling machine without being processed.

Scaling machine VMK26 can be fitted with scaling tools for different types of fish. There are special tools to remove the hard scales on horse mackerel and tools the normal scales over the entire surface of the fish.

The machine removes the scales without damaging the skin of the fish.

The Scaling Machine VMK26 can be mounted to the VMK31 as a retrofit.

The machines are made from all non-corrosive material.

Technical data
Water consumption:5 l/min
Water pressure:3 bar
Design:Stainless steel and industrial plastics
Standards:Manufactured according to the European directives related to machinery.
Fish/kg (Fish/min): 10-30 (250-300) | 4-20 (225-275) | 2,5-8 (200-250) | 2-6 (200-250) | 1,3-3 (-120)
Suitable for:Horse Mackerel | Pacific Saury