Fish Species

Fish Species Handled

These are some of the fish species handled in the Arenco VMK machines. Contact your closest Arenco VMK representative for more information.

Anchovy is a highly commercial fish which is marketed fresh, dried, smoked, canned and frozen or made into fish meal.

Blue Whiting

The Blue Whiting (Micromestitus poutassou) is a highly commercial fish. sold fresh and frozen, and also processed as oil and fishmeal.


Capelin (Mallotus villosus) part of the smelt-family is found in Atlantic waters.


The herring is reported in the Guiness Book of World Records as the most numerous fish in the world. It is utilized fresh, dried or salted, smoked, canned or frozen.


The Hilsa herring (Tenualosa ilisha) or Hilsa shad is part of the herring family.

Horse Mackerel

The Horse Mackerel (Trachurus Trachurus) is a highly commercial fish which is utilized fresh, smoked, canned and frozen.


The Clupeonella species are a multitude of fish from which the mass of them are used to prepare canned foods and other products of mass demand.


Mackerel is a highly commercial species which is traded fresh, frozen, smoked and canned.

Purple Spotted Bigeye

The Red Big Eye (Priachantidae) is commnly bought fresh, whole or dried-salted.


The sardine is a highly commercial fish, which is marketed fresh, frozen or canned. It is also utilized dried or salted and smoked.


The Pacific saury is an under-exploited fish in many parts of its range which is suitable for canning and other inexpensive uses.

Silver Smelt

The (Great) Silver Smelt or Argentina Silus is similar to Herring in appearance.


Sprats are highly commercial pelagic fish. Sprat are used in the production of fish meal and as mink food, less for human consumption.

Threadfin Bream

The Threadfin Bream is commonly processed in South East Asia. Used whole frozen, for surimi production, and filleted.

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VMK is known as a robust brand founded in Gothenburg, and located in Kalmar, Sweden.

The machines are delivered to fisheries all over the world. The cutting technology is used for products from trunks to skin-off fillets, making the most use of the fish.